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Yes, you can buy laptop from, your comprehensive laptop and notebook supply company. Well sell, repair and rent out laptops at great prices

That is an estimate market value of what do notebook usually would go for.

No it’s excluding VAT as stated on the website.

Unfortunately not, ; we can assist you with the Travelmate laptop range which is the more business based of notebook.

We can deliver outside of SA, but the client is responsible for courier and customs charges.

Yes we do all IT relevant products, what are you interested in?

Yes, which laptop bag one would you like to purchase?

Please keep the electricity for 70 percent and put it in a dry place from 15 to 25 degree. As it will be weaken when the temperature is too high or too low.

Avoid recharging laptop batteries continuously. It's good to recharge when it's below 10 percent. In fact, it will damage and recharge batteries when using up. Try your best not to recharge when it's beyond 60 percent. If you don't use the battery, please keep in the dry area.

It's good to prolong the laptop battery's life when laptop is off.

No, you don't. Because it activates before sending out from the factory.

It indicates that the work time of batteries when recharging enough. In the same electronic equipment, the main factor is depending on the capacity of batteries. The more, the stronger. Capacity also is the third guideline of batteries, such as voltage, electricity and capacity. Also it will show by "mah". Of course, the more, the better.

When you face such problem, please refer to Calibrating Your Computer’s Battery For Best Performance for proper operations, if the problem still exists, please contact us.

When you face such problem, please refer to Calibrating Your Computer’s Battery For Best Performance for proper operations, if the problem still exists, please contact us or the Cells inside the battery have been aged, it means the battery is out of order.

When you face such problem, please refer to Calibrating Your Computer’s Battery For Best Performance for proper operations, if the problem still exists, please contact us.

Mainboard/Motherboard of laptop might have found faulty.Mainboard/Motherboard of laptop might have found faulty.

It shows the battery is out of order and you need to use a new battery. B:Mainboard/Motherboard might be found faulty.

It shows the battery compatibility is not good. When it happens, please contact us for refund.

When such case takes place, please pay attention to your ambient temperature. If you are in somewhere with very high temperature, the battery will automatically protect itself after long time using, and the laptop startup program would stop working. At this moment, please restart your laptop after 1 hour. Another possibility is some problems took place with your laptop during charging process, because laptop charging circuit would easily to cause problems when taking charge. Please try your original battery on the laptop and see if it works. B:Battery is not compatible to the laptop. C:Battery is out of order.

The first thing you need to do is check the contact between the laptop and battery, because if the contact is not good, even the communication data between them is read, the battery cannot be charged. Since the laptop battery slot may become disfigured after long period of use while the battery plastic casing is designed according to new laptop specification, it would cause contact problems. Under such circumstances, please take off the battery and put it inside the laptop for several times to ensure better contact. When you hear a sound CLICK, it basically means the contact is good. Try more times and the contact problem can be solved, especially for IBM laptops. B:Battery is not compatible to the laptop. C:Battery is out of order.

Battery life is calculated by full charge – discharge cycles, Li-ion battery usually has 300 ~ 400 cycle life. You don’t have to worry about the battery being calculated one more cycle when you just charged a little bit, averagely once more life cycle is only accumulated when you charge it to 80 ~ 90%.

Usually laptop charging function starts charging when charge is less than 95%, and because natural consumption phenomenon exists, it does not make difference whether to take it off or keep it remain in laptop. But we suggest you keep it inside the laptop, because it could keep the ongoing operations continue and prevent data loss if AC power is abruptly interrupted. If you want to take the battery off, you are suggested putting it in dry and cool place and remember to cycle the battery at least once a month to keep it active.

Due to influences of ambient humidity and non-absolute insulation environment, batteries have a phenomenon of self – consumption. Dependant upon the quality, the charge would decline around 1% every 3 – 4 days, so it is quite normal if the charge is not lowered in a major way!

Battery run-time on a laptop is difficult to determine. Actual battery run time depends upon the power demands made by the equipment. The use of the screen, the hard drive and other accessories result in an additional drain upon the battery, effectively reducing its run times. The total run-time of the battery is also dependent upon the design of the equipment.

Yes but we have to book the laptop unit in and send it to the workshop and the DFAF is R300.

It could be the RAM, internal power supply, mainboard fault or ac adapter.

The screen or the inverter board could be faulty.

There is maybe a short on the main board.

Your battery is faulty.

Your charger may be faulty or the dc jack on the unit could be loose.

A: The screen on the unit could be faultA: The screen on the unit could be faulty.y.

The screen cable on the unit could be faulty.

It could be your HDD that it faulty or it can also be the windows that is corrupted.

It could be overheating or the HDD could be faulty.

It could be memory or the HDD or even windows that is corrupt.

Very few laptops have upgradeable processors.

The laptop's graphics board on a laptop is not upgradeable.

Either your numeric lock is on (most probably ) if not the keyboard might be faulty

Your keyboard is maybe sticky and we can send it in for a clean or replacement.

Voltage, Liquid or Physical damage or even Wear and Tear.

Give me the make and model on the notebook and I will find out pricing and availability of stock

+- R950exl – R1500exl (would u like an official quote?

+- R3500 (would u like an official quote?

It is R250 for a format and reload an additional R100 for a backup.

R150 for the first cd and R50 per cd there after.

R250 for the first dvd and R50 per dvd there after.

+- 2-3 day’s

2-3 day’s for an official quote and then 5-7 days to repair the unit, it could take longer and it could even be shorter all depending on availability of spares.

+- 7-10 day’s it varies from supplier to supplier.

From e-mail and internet.

There could be a number of reasons; it could be software, hardware failure, factory failure or physical damage.

Voltage damage, factory failure and wear and tear.

Which department do you require service from?

We are situated in Pretoria, Pretorius street, 1209. Between Gordon and Duncan street across the street from Investment Cars.

Unfortunately not, but we can assist you with the HP NX laptop range, which is a more business based notebook.

YES we do not sell Dell notebook.

Some other retailers sell grey products (not covered by the local Brands) WE are how ever prepared to stick to our Price guarantee and collect the laptop from such a company and sell it to you at R100.00 cheaper - if you would like such a product - we advice that you stick to official local guarantee from the brands all the way down - But then again - sometimes it is worth the risk - let us know if you can get a cheaper price somewhere else - Provide us with the quote and we will ALWAYS beat it!!! We will even beat it 7 days after Purchase!!!

The rental option we have is short term based, but we also have a financing option if you would like to rent to own.

The R69 rental is one of our Pentium 2 notebooks, but you need to take it longer than 7 days.

That is our same day special on a projector. Collect in the morning and deliver in the afternoon before 17h00.

Yes, you may, as long as you pay 50% of the replacement price upfront. We do accept credit cards for the rental amount only.

This is to ensure that the notebook can be traced back to the client in the event of a notebook not being returned.

They can deliver directly to your door, or you can collect from us.

We DO carry stock of ALL Chargers, Most popular Batteries, and Most Popular notebook/Laptop Models, If We DO Not have the specific unit in stock you want We should have it To YOUR Doorstep within 24 hours from our central warehouse. (we offer in excess of 250 different types at any one time)

If our warehouse has stock: it takes 24 hours, so it will be ready next working day.

The Acer Travelmate 2482WXCI for R5400.00 excl VAT

Yes, but only the first and last Saturday of the month. From 08h30 until 11h30.

We are open from 08h30 until 17h00

Yes we do. What are you looking for?

Unfortunately we do not sell second hand notebooks in-store but we do have auctions on our website on refurbished units. Our website address is

What do you want to do with the notebook? Currently we would suggest, Apple/Mac, HP, Acer, Dell, and then the other

Yes we do.

No you do not have to be a registered client.

It is service contracts on top of your normal manufacturers’ warranty you can take with your notebook for better support on it.

That is an estimate market value of what do notebook usually would go for.

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